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Safe Packaging for Antiques and Personal Items

Custom Packaging at Roddy Products Packaging Company Roddy Products Packaging is your most trusted resource for the safe handling, packaging, and transporting of antiques and heirlooms.

Auctioneers, collectors and museums rely on us to safely move their delicate and valuable antiques across the country and around the world. Our proven expertise begins with a full assessment of your product including risk, storage, environmental factors such as climate, temperature and humidity, pick-up conditions, mode of transport and final destination requirements. All are factored into providing you with the appropriate container and cushioning system for preventing damage during shipment.

Antique Insurance Coverage
Roddy Products Packaging offers many different types of insurance coverage for antique shipments including:

  • Full Coverage Cargo - based on declared value
  • Limited Liability Insurance - lost only

Typically, if a customer elects to purchase our insurance coverage and a value is declared, Roddy Products Packaging will insure the item from the time of pick-up, during the packing and crating process, and finally to delivery.

You can trust us with your:

  • High Value One-of-a-Kind Items
  • Heirlooms
  • Antique Furniture
  • Collectables & Memorabilia
  • Our Antique Services
  • Local Pick-ups & Delivery
  • Custom Packing & Cushioning
  • Wood Crates - Custom designed and built
  • Corrugated Containers
  • Shipping - Carrier selection based on item, budget, time frame
  • Shipping Insurance

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