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Containerizing Services Philadelphia, PA

Custom Packaging at Roddy Products Packaging CompanyWhen goods need to be shipped overseas there are certain measures that need to be done to ensure a proper shipment. Roddy Products Packaging can handle all the packaging and crating, block and bracing, as well as prepare all the proper export documentation needed at the time of shipment. It is important that the proper techniques are administered so that ocean shifting and moisture are eliminated.

Container Breakdown and Sorting:

Roddy Products Packaging can handle, breakdown and sort all containerized goods that have cleared customs. This can allow for inspection and verification to be done on the front end, and help identify potential issues that may have occurred during shipping. Roddy Products Packaging can also scrap out all over pack and blocking materials used during shipment, as well as repack or pack goods that need special or specific packaging. If product or parts are co-mingled Roddy Products Packaging can sort each item to ensure proper shipment to each desired product destination.

Please contact us if you have further questions or need more information regarding container breakdown and sorting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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