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Reusable Crates & Trade Show Boxes

Custom Packaging at Roddy Products Packaging CompanyRoddy Products Packaging is here to provide custom solutions for your assets or products that need to be shipped repeatedly. We start with the requirements of the item(s) being shipped, its fragility, size, weight, value and your budget. Our engineers go to work on designing interior packaging to protect the item inside the container during transportation. We use a variety of different foams to ensure proper cushioning and protection.

Next we design a custom wood crate or a container that will best protect the item and withstand the rigors of repeated handling and shipping. We use hardware such as link locks, hinges, and locking hasps so that the crate can be easily opened without tools and closed securely. Additionally, we can apply different labels and markings, and even stencil your company's logo directly on the container.

Trade Show & Display Crates
Does your company attend numerous trade shows throughout the year? Let us custom design and build a crate or container optimized for repeat usage. Save yourself the stress, time, and money in figuring out packaging and crating solutions for each show by allowing us to handle all the details! Not only will we custom pack the booth and electronic equipment for your show, we can also provide domestic and international shipping services. We are the experts in total packaging, crating, container, and shipping solutions!

Benefits of Reusable Crates

  • More environmentally friendly by reducing packaging materials going into landfills
  • Purchasing a multiple use crate will save you money over time for items needing to be shipped repeatedly
  • Reusable crates are made with durable materials allowing them to be refurbished by Roddy Products Packaging for continued use
  • Ability to have custom made storage compartments and shelving to organize all of your trade show collateral and electronic equipment

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